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Since Martin was just a kid he has been fascinated by mystic folklore. ‘Old blues records was where it all started for me. There was a rawness and sense of urgency in that music that was very unlike anything in the suburban outskirts of Aarhus’, says Martin. The saxophone sound was his favorite sound of all the sounds on his father synthesizer, so a age 13 he started playing tenor saxophone. The music scene in Aarhus was very welcoming of a young talent and he became comletetly drawn into music during his teens. He studied music at RMC in Copenhagen and spent a semester at the Conservatoire de Paris. During his last year as a student he formed the group Girls in Airports. They won a Danish Music Award for their debut album and soon started touring the World.Martins compositions are often simple but strong melodies that the group arranges collectively. He rarely sticks to one genre and there is always space left for improvising. In recent years he has become a multi instrumentalist using flute, harmonium and electric piano on stage. As a composer he has started writing more complex arrangements. His biggest project so far is Leap – a work for Girls in Airports, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and violinist Nils Grøndal released 2021. Martin lives with his family in Nørrebro, Copenhagen and he is part of a new studio/rehearsal space that goes by the name Taverna Centrale.