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Night Repair

Genrewise, Night Repair is a blend of jazz, indie, rock, classical and Nordic folklore. As always in Martins music it is all about the vibe in the songs, but there is also a spontainous feeling and a rawness that signals a new direction. All the members have strong roots in Jazz but they really aim for a strong collective expression, constantly shifting back and forth between electric and acustic sounds.
Martin Stender (tenor – and alto saxophone)
Henrik Olsson (guitar)
Jeppe Skovbakke (double bass and synth bass)
Sean Carpio (drums)
A bass player who masters the old school double bass and can also throw in a mean synth bass. A young Sweedish guitar player who is really a rough diamond mainly performing on the more experimental side of the Copenhagen scene and a drummer who is Irish, completely his own and imposible to tie to a certain genre. Night Repair released ‘1st Album’ in 2017 and their second album ‘Slow Stone’ in 2019. The 4tet has performed in Denmark and Germany.